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Turning Off IPv6 On Rackspace Cloud Server Blows

Blow Hole - Sunny CoveI was trying to diagnose some issues with ASP.NET Web Forms post backs so I turned off IPv6 even though none of my websites were bound to IPv6 addresses. I unchecked it on the adapter property page. I had no logical reason for doing this. Then Windows Update stopped working. This was from a Rackspace Cloud Server. I cannot imagine what kind of tunneling is taking place in various parts of the internet with IPv6 getting rolled out (finally).

Oh and by the way, I had trouble uploading this picture with BlogEngine.NET and I saw this article:

I did what the user said (in settings unchecked optimize which minifies) and it solved the problem, however I am on IIS 8 not IIS Express.

Videos of the Blow Hole:

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