Internet Sellout

Demand Unearned Rewards

Why I Do What I Do

Market Capitalism uses computer technology in diverse and sometimes seemingly contradictory ways. The system needs disruption and market fickleness to prevent stagnation, consolidation and apathy. Our new technology has gone beyond the utility for counting money and is making claims to mediate every interaction. Having grown up in Silicon Valley and seeing the march towards the total integration of our society with this technology I have come to terms with its inevitability. However, I still like to focus on the odd promise of this technology to make small businesses have some of the capabilities of larger businesses in the hopes that not all of us have to work for a major corporation. I am not completely convinced that I and other technology consultants are not unwittingly selling a false promise for the sake of selling technology. I apologize in advance if this weird thing we call progress ends in corporate fascism.

 I did it for the money.