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Epicor BO multi-company

Epicor Multi-company hurdle today, highlighted is new - untested:

     Private Function GetPool(sCompany As String) As Epicor.Mfg.Core.BLConnectionPool

        Dim oConnPool As Epicor.Mfg.Core.BLConnectionPool = Nothing


            oConnPool = New Epicor.Mfg.Core.BLConnectionPool("user", "pass", "AppServerDC://" & _AppServer)

            Dim oSession = oConnPool.Get()

            Dim oMod = New Epicor.Mfg.Lib.SessionMod(oConnPool)

            oMod.SetCompany(sCompany, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing)


            WriteLog("BLConnectionPool Got")


            Return oConnPool

        Catch Ex As Exception

            If oConnPool IsNot Nothing Then oConnPool.Dispose()

            WriteLog("BLConnectionPool Fail: " & Ex.Message)



        End Try

        Return Nothing

    End Function


Using epicor BO the datasets get rows with filter clauses. Using company in the filter clause was adding to a filter clause which already included company… even if it was never set. I think this is one way to switch companies.


    Public Function GetForecast(sPart As String, sCompany As String, sPlant As String) As Epicor.Mfg.BO.ForecastDataSet

        Dim oList As Epicor.Mfg.BO.ForecastDataSet = Nothing

        Using oConnPool As Epicor.Mfg.Core.BLConnectionPool = GetPool(sCompany)

            Dim oForecast As Epicor.Mfg.BO.Forecast = New Epicor.Mfg.BO.Forecast(oConnPool)

            oList = oForecast.GetRows("PartNum = '" & sPart & "' AND Company = '" & sCompany & "'" & PlantFilter(sPlant), "", 0, 0, False)

        End Using

        Return oList

    End Function


Green is redundant.

 Here is an example of the epicor SQL passing company twice as a result of this call:


declare @p1 int

set @p1=26585

exec sp_prepexec @p1 output,N'@P1 varchar(8),@P2 varchar(50),@P3 varchar(8),@P4 varchar(8)',N'SELECT "company", "custnum", "partnum", "plant", "foredate", "inactive", "foreqty", "ForeQtyUOM", "consumedqty", "ponum", "createdby", "createddate", "autotransfer", "character01", "character02", "character03", "character04", "character05", "character06", "character07", "character08", "character09", "character10", "number01", "number02", "number03", "number04", "number05", "number06", "number07", "number08", "number09", "number10", "date01", "date02", "date03", "date04", "date05", "checkbox01", "checkbox02", "checkbox03", "checkbox04", "checkbox05", "demandreference", "demandcontractnum", "demandheadseq", "schedulenumber", "shiptonum", "enddate", "SysRowID", "SysRevID", "BitFlag", "ParentPartNum", "KitFlag", "EDIUpdateDate", PROGRESS_RECID, PROGRESS_RECID_IDENT_ FROM "dbo"."Forecast" WHERE (("Company" = @P1) AND ("PartNum" = @P2) AND ("Company" = @P3) AND ("Plant" = @P4)) ORDER BY "company", "partnum", "plant", "custnum", "foredate", "ParentPartNum" ','COMPANYX','000-00-00',COMPANYX,PLANTY

select @p1

I had help finding SessionMod here:


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